Kim Jang-hoon, online ‘Sharing Christmas’ for the vulnerable…

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Kim Jang-hoon continues a good influence by sharing even in difficult times with COVID-19.

Kim Jang-Hoon will broadcast the Kimchi Sharing Event ‘Kim Jang-Hoon Kim Jang-Han Day’ live from 3 pm on the 23rd through Kim Jang-Hoon’s official YouTube channel. On the 24th, he transformed himself into a daily Santa for the Salvation Army charity pot campaign, and on the 25th, he started an underwear sharing event for the homeless and senior citizens.

First of all, ‘Kim Jang-Hoon’s day for cooking Kimchi’, which opens the door of Kim Jan-Hoon’s ‘Sharing Christmas’, is his third time to share Kimchi. As the crisis of the spread of COVID-19 continues this year, several people gather to make kimchi directly. Instead of running, Kim Jang-Hoon will have a delivery ceremony for each product through real-time broadcasting on the YouTube channel and conduct a year-end sharing encouragement broadcast. In addition to kimchi, various items such as 1,200 ramen, 6,000 masks, and 120 hand creams will be sponsored and delivered to the vulnerable.

Kim Jang-hoon said, “Now that many events were canceled due to the spread of COVID-19, I was thinking about ‘how to do kimchi’, but decided to receive finished kimchi from a company that has been sponsoring kimchi for 10 years. I think. The more difficult times, the more we share, the warmer the world will be,” he introduced the purpose of this event.

Following this, Kim Jang-Hoon plans to transform himself into a daily Santa for the Salvation Army charity pot campaign held in front of Migliore in Myeong-dong, Seoul on the 24th and encourage participation in the campaign, and plans to share a warm heart that has not cooled down despite the spread of COVID-19. On this day, Kim Jang-Hoon’s daily Santa activities in the charity pot campaign will also be broadcast in real time through Kim Jang-hoon’s official YouTube channel.

Lastly, on the 25th, homeless people and senior citizens at the Seoul Station will attend a delivery ceremony to deliver 2,200 underwear sets so that they can spend a cold winter. Previously, through Kim Jang-hoon’s social media, fans also sympathized with the good intentions and participated in donating 300 underwear to create warmth.

This underwear delivery ceremony, held by Kim Jang-hoon’s 13th year as an ambassador for sharing rice with love, will be delivered to each representative who visited the counseling center without waiting in line to prevent the spread of COVID-19. He said that it will be carried out in strict compliance with the rules.

At the end of the year, which is further frozen by COVID-19, Kim Jang-hoon is predicting a meaningful end of the year with such active actions. Kim Jang-Hoon’s ‘Sharing Christmas’, which will be held for three days in a row, is expected to inspire warmth to many public.

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