Kim Won-hyo and Shim Jin-hwa “Operation of 10 gimbap restaurants…BTS and Kang Ha-neul visit our restaurants”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Kim Won-hyo and Shim Jin-hwa talked about the Kimbapjip business.

Kim Won-hyo and Shim Jin-hwa appeared in the SBS Plus entertainment program ‘Eating Food-Kang Ho-dong’s Bap Sim’ (hereinafter ‘Bap Sim’) broadcast on the 21st.

The two are running a famous Gimbap chain. In response, Kim Won-hyo said, “The franchise owner” and “We are operating about 10 (brand franchisees), which exceeds 30.”

Shim Jin-hwa said, “We really like gimbap. At first, I just went to eat it without thinking about starting a business. I went there because my acquaintance said there was a very delicious kimbap restaurant in Cheongdam-dong. But it was so delicious. Every time I went, I bought 20 lines, freeze it at home, and then went home.”

In response, Kim Won-hyo proposed a business for a kimbap restaurant and left a memo to the boss, but refused to say “I don’t do a chain store.” Despite their refusal, the two were allowed to store chains while instilling authenticity.

Kim Won-hyo added, “I have seen a lot of people collapsing when I do business for the first time,” he added. “I have to keep my mind well from the beginning, so I am working hard.” Shim Jin-hwa also boasted, “My husband packs kimbap and works hard to promote it. The group BTS is also coming. Part time worker was surprised. Kang Ha-neul also visited our restaurant.”

Photo| SBS Plus broadcast screen capture
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