Cheongha, this is the house of a popular singer…’open view + modern interior’

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Cheongha showed her neatly decorated house.

On the 22nd, on the official YouTube channel of Cheongha, a video titled ‘Home Sweet Home Cheongha’s HOUSE first released!’ was posted on her official YouTube channel.

On this day, Cheongha went around the house to introduce herself. She lit up pretty lights in the kitchen, and even posed in the living room, which boasted a panoramic view, and the stylish interior with white sofas, gray floors and beige cushions caught the eye. The production crew admired, “The scenery is so pretty” at the window where the gorgeous scenery can be seen at a glance.

Afterwards, Cheongha challenged common sense, nonsense, and new word quizzes to acquire decorations to decorate an empty Christmas tree. She enthusiastically challenged all of the problems, but only hit two of the ten. However, with the consideration of the production crew, they were provided with ornaments and decorated the Christmas tree beautifully.

After finishing all the decorations, Cheongha turned on the tree’s mini-bulb and smiled happily, saying, “It’s so pretty”.

Photo|Capture Chungha’s Official Youtube

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