‘Eye Contact’ Daniel “There is no blind date culture in Europe… Learn dating with books”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Ahead of the German broadcaster Daniel Lindemann’s ‘Christmas Special Global Heart Signal’, we will introduce the different perspectives of people around the world who watch ‘blind date’.

On channel A ‘Eye Contact’, which will be broadcast on the 23rd, Alberto Mondi from Italy and Lucky from India will arrange a special blind date for Daniel.

About the reason why he arranged a blind date, Alberto said, “I’m in a happy marriage, and Lucky is about to start a romantic relationship. Daniel is the only single among my best friends and has been living alone for 12 years since 2008. He will be very lonely.”

However, Alberto said, “In fact, there is no culture of ‘blind date’ in Europe.” “In general, I think it is good for men and women to meet naturally. However, there is a strong awareness that you should be with your family or loved ones at Christmas. I couldn’t even go to the site so I thought about a blind date.”

On the other hand, Lucky said, “In India, 95% of couples met through matchmaking. So, I like to connect with people who seem to fit well wherever I go. If the blind date goes well here, I’ll have a fun Indian party.” He explained, explaining the way men and women meet quite differently from Europe.

As Alberto said, Daniel said, “I’ve never done a blind date before. It is a culture that is unfamiliar to Europe,” he said. And “German men are so shy, there are quite a few books that tell you how to love,” he confessed that he learned about dating by writing, saying, “I also bought a book called Erich Fromm’s ‘The Art of Love’.”

Alberto and Lucky gave a stern advice to Daniel, a blind date man who was full of charm but seemed uncomfortable, saying, “Don’t throw an unreasonable ‘boring’ comedy” and “Do not talk about German proverbs.”

Channel A’s new concept silent entertainment ‘Eye Contact’, where Daniel’s first blind date will be revealed, will be broadcast on December 23 at 9:20 pm.


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