Ham So-won’s use of ATM is controversial

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

The online is criticising Ham So-won for occupying the automatic teller machine (ATM) on the air.

In the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘Taste of the Wife’, which aired on the 22nd, Ham So-won went to Jinhua and the bank to organize her bankbook. She said, “I don’t use a card. I prefer to use cash~” and stood in front of the ATM.

Ham So-won explained, “I put a bankbook in each machine. It takes a long time to enter, so immediately,” she explained, putting her bankbook in four ATMs, one by one, and organized it. Ham So-won was busy moving around several ATMs, arranging bankbooks or depositing money. In particular, “If you use a card, you don’t feel like you’re going out of money, so you spend money on it. That’s why I use it with cash from my bankbook.”

After the broadcast went out, the reactions of some viewers and netizens were mixed about Ham’s actions. Commenting on Ham So-won’s occupation of ATMs, criticisms of “ministerity” were lined up. On the other hand, there was also a response, “What is the problem?”

“Action not to be considerate of other guests who are in urgent business” “Is access to be controlled for filming?” There were many reactions saying that Ham So-won’s behavior was inappropriate, such as “Is it proud to use only cash in the reality of recommending the use of cards”, but some “this is possible because there are no other customers who have visited the bank” There was also an advocacy opinion that “reasonable behavior for the sake of”.

On this day, Ham So-won surprised everyone with her different appearance from the previous one. A large amount of 1 million won was withdrawn and served not only beef, but also high-quality hot pot dishes to Aunt Sitter. Although she used mileage, she spent a large amount of 220,000 won per meal and even presented a pretty coat worth 240,000 won to Aunt Sitter.

In addition, she started evolution and dating with the consideration of her aunt sitter, and she did nail art that he had never received since 1997, and she also took care of her hand and spent 180,000 won in an instant. Finally, we ended the night of Flex by visiting a hot vintage warehouse store on social media and buying 80 clothes for 280,000 won.


PhotosㅣCapture of’Taste of Wife’ broadcast
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