Jeong Jae-ho “I’ve been to the US after my unrequited love friend” (Love Interference)

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The troubled man and his girlfriend, who were attracted to each other because they were different, could not find a point of contact and had a deep conflict.

On the 51st episode of KBS Joy’s entertainment program ‘Love Interference Season 3′, which aired on the 22nd, the story of a couple who developed into a lover while taking the tutoring of a 4th student female friend was revealed.

A troubled man who has secretly liked his female friends from school days. However, he couldn’t express his feeling to her due to her popularity. As time passed, he became a prestigious university student who remained troubled, and when the female friend remained as a fourth student, under the complete faith of her father, the troubled man took over the tutoring of the woman’s friend. Perhaps thanks to the power of love, the female friend finally escaped from the student life.

Joo Woo-jae sympathized with the story of a distressed man who made love with an unrequited partner late in school, saying, “If there is an opportunity to meet with an unrequited partner at a later time, I may be keen to meet her.” Jeong Jae-ho said “I moved to the US to meet a girl I loved. I didn’t know that the US was wide and I thought that if I just went to the US, I would have a chance to meet, but no. I haven’t met yet.”

His girlfriend, who became a college student, regained her original freedom. For his girlfriend who is struggling with college classes, he even provides reports, but in the process, the nagging of the troubled man increased, and complaints accumulated with the troubled man who made his girlfriend notice himself.

Then one day, the troubled man and the girlfriend were introduced to each other’s friends, but the friends ignored their friends’ lovers, and the troubled man and girlfriend, who felt shame, exchanged hurtful words to each other and quarreled greatly.

Han Hye-jin said, “The troubled man and his girlfriend are completely different people in the world. The cycles of the two people’s lives are not right.” Jeong Jae-ho said, “I was able to teach because he was a teacher, but now he has to be different because he is in an equal position.”

Seo Jang-hoon also advised, “The man in the story keeps sticking to his style and only nagging his girlfriend. As much as he likes, he should pay attention to what the other person likes and try hard,” and Kwak Jeong-eun said, “I liked it because they are different, but now they are different. Admit to each other’s ways. It is also happy to have a person with a different charm from me. It would be good to keep the meeting well.” She cheered for the relationship between the two.

‘Love Interference Season 3’ is broadcast every Tuesday at 10:50 pm.

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