Kim Dong-wan “I cannot use delivery service in Gapyeong. So, I started to cook in the era of COVID-19” (‘Heo Ji-woong show’)

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Shinhwa Kim Dong-wan mentioned the peaceful Gapyeong life.

SBS Love FM ‘Heo Ji-woong Show’, which aired on the 23rd, was decorated with the year-end special ‘Retro online Concert’, and Kim Dong-wan appeared as a guest.

On this day, DJ Heo Ji-woong introduced Kim Dong-wan with the modifier ‘Gapyeong Youth’. Earlier, Kim Dong-wan collected topics by revealing his life in Gapyeong on tvN entertainment program ‘On and Off’.

“I live in Gapyeong, so it’s much more exciting to come to the broadcast than when I live in Seoul. It seems like I’m traveling abroad.”

He said, “Gapyeong is not delivered food. This time, due to the COVID-19, I started cooking in earnest. I live the life of a city dweller in nature.”

On the other hand, Kim Dong-wan is currently taking the role of ‘Monty Navarro’, who one day learns that he is the successor of a noble family in the musical ‘Gentleman’s Guide: Love and Murder’.

Photo|SBS Visible Radio

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