‘Lulurala Pawn Shop’ Hong Ji-yoon, Moon Ji-hoo X Yang Seung-ho

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[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Ahead of the release of the web drama ‘Lulurala Pawn Shop’, rookie Hong Ji-yoon released a self-pictorial with the concept of ‘the best four cuts in life’.

Hong Ji-yoon took on the role of Kim Chae-yoon in the web drama ‘Lulurala Pawn Shop’ (director Park So-jin), which will be released on the 23rd wave. Kim Chae-yoon is an aspiring writer with many tears and a lot of love, who always turns any genre into a new melodies with excessive emotional immersion. Then, he left the ‘sadness’ to the pawnshop Lulurala, which she discovered by chance, and undergoes a surprising change.

Hong Ji-yoon, who will breathe life into the character with a variety of emotions, is expected to have an active and lively charm. In the play, between Moon Ji-hoo (as Min-ho) and Yang Seung-ho (as Chang-min), who were in sync with literary creation and motive, showed a witty expression and pose, predicting a pleasant ‘chemistry’.

Hong Ji-yoon previously played an active part in tvN ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’, Netflix ‘My First First Love’, and JTBC’s ‘My Country’.

On the other hand,’Lulurala Pawn Shop’ is a fantasy comedy based on a pawn shop that lends money by taking people’s emotions as collateral, not objects.


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