OKDAL, Korea’s first contactless consolation performance, ‘Good job, this year’

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Female duo OKDAL performs the first contactless consolation performance in Korea.

Magic Strawberry Sound, which includes talented artists such as Space Oddity, a music startup company, and OKDAL, worked together with the Metropolitan Defense Command on the rooftop moonlight’s end-of-year performance ‘Good Job, This year’. This year’s performance will be specially organized and will be held through YouTube Live on the 27th.

OKDAL is planning to show special performances for military personnel such as the Metropolitan Defense Command and the Armed Forces Nurse School, who have devoted themselves to the country despite having a difficult time this year with the novel coronavirus. OKDAL is preparing not only to convey warm comfort and support through music, but also to provide a communicative performance such as receiving the stories of  soldiers and introducing them together and talking.

OKDAL’s “Good Job, this year” is a special performance for military soldiers and the first contactless consolation performance in Korea. It seems that it will be a time of great encouragement and comfort to the soldiers who perform their duties silently in their respective positions.

OKDAL’s year-end performance ‘Thank you, this year’ will be held on the 27th, through the YouTube streaming of the official channel of OKDAL for the members of the Metropolitan Defense Command and Armed Forces Nursing Academy.


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