Park Eun-young’s beauty… “After pregnancy, I eat strawberries every day”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Park Eun-young showed off her peach-like beauty.

On the 22nd, Park Eun-young posted on her Instagram on the 22nd, “I’m currently eating nurungji during the early morning sickness period in the early pregnancy, World Corn in the hot summer in the middle of pregnancy, and strawberries in the winter in the late pregnancy. I eat strawberries tonight as well. #Bonbangsasoo #TV is the best when it comes to jipcock #Sleek jipkok life #Let’s be together” and posted a video.

In the video, she is taking a selfie while wearing makeup. Park Eun-young, who has white skin, pink cheeks, and blessed cheeks, is as adorable as a peach. Park Eun-young smiles while revealing her teeth, and sometimes makes a refreshing expression.

Park Eun-young said in the TV Chosun entertainment ‘Taste of a Wife’ broadcasted on the day that he was worried that she would not be able to give birth naturally with the child’s head in the stomach facing upward. Park Eun-young married a businessman Kim Hyeong-woo in September last year and is now in the eighth month of pregnancy.

So the netizens said, “Peach is eating strawberries~”, “It’s pretty. I’m watching a lot these days”, “You’re so beautiful, you’re pretty”, “I’m a reverse baby… I also had a hard time giving birth because my second child was a reverse baby. There was a variety of reactions, such as “Please give me easy delivery”.

Photo| Park Eun-young SNS

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