Park Hye-kyung “Fleeing China after a business failure…a life that is hard to imagine” (Back to the Music)

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Park Hye-kyung said that after a business failure, she fled to China.

Singer Park Hye-kyung appeared in KBS1’s ‘Song Documentary Back to the Music’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Back to the Music’) broadcast on the 23rd.

Park Hye-kyung was involved in a problem while doing business and filed a long lawsuit. Afterwards, she was judged innocent, but she said that she had a lump on her neck because of a heartache. She was so embarrassed, offended, sad, and didn’t want to live. She thought she was going to do something bad, so she ran to China. She couldn’t speak and lived a life that was really hard to imagine.

In addition, Park Hye-kyung said, “Neither money nor honor has disappeared. I learned flowers that I would become a florist by disposing of all that remains. I lived in China that way.” I was sitting at Gimpo Airport and a writer I had known for a long time greeted me. It was the same plane. That’s how I happened to meet the writer of ‘Sugar Man’ several times.”

She said, “After confirming the appearance later, it was ‘Sugar Man’. From that time on, I sang the dead. “I looked for a vocal trainer and practiced with all my dying powers.”

Photo|Capture of KBS broadcasting screen
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