Seol Min-seok apologizes for 3 days of controversy over history distortion…

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Star instructor Seol Min-seok directly apologized for the controversy over the distortion of history in ‘True World History’. It has been three days since the controversy occurred.

On the 22nd, Seol Min-suk posted an apology video titled ‘Hello. This is Seol Min-seok’ was posted.

In the video, Seol Min-seok said, “One of the programs under my name is ‘Seol Min-seok’s True World History.’ In the last 2 episodes of Cleopatra, I made an error during the lecture, and the advisory committee pointed out that part. Gave it to me. I’ll give you an answer.”

He continued, “Yesterday (21st) evening, the production crew of ‘Seol Min-seok’s True World History’ politely apologized to the viewers, but when I judged, the production crew did nothing wrong.” “Because of this, I think all the faults are with me.”

Seol Min-seok said, “It seems to be the part because I am lacking and lacking a lot. In the future, I will show you the image of Seol Min-seok, who considers your words to be better and prepares more sincerely. I sincerely apologize to all of you who have been worried.”

On the 20th, Archaeologist Kwak Min-soo, head of the Korean Egyptian Research Institute, said in connection with the episode of Cleopatra, the tvN entertainment program ‘Seol Min-seok’s True World History’ broadcast on his Facebook on the 19th, “There are so many things that are wrong, so it is difficult to mention one by one. It’s difficult.”

Director Kwak pointed out, “I have a really big problem with talking about the fact that I am talking about ‘history’ interestingly and just talking about gossip things that gossip through rumors.”

He added, “Talking about historical facts and rumors together is definitely a good strategy to draw attention when talking about history, but if what you are trying to do is not just ‘unraveling’ but ‘historical stories’, you need to clearly distinguish between facts and rumors.”

Accordingly, the production crew of tvN ‘Seol Min-seok’s True World History’ made a stand on the 21st and bowed, saying, “First, we sincerely apologize for some errors in the process of researching vast ancient history materials.”

However, as the silence of Seol Min-seok, who stood at the center of the controversy, followed by a reaction that he was disappointed, Seol Min-seok lowered his head and apologized.

‘Seol Min-seok’s True World History’ is a program that explores the world’s places of interest through on-tac tours, and explores the world’s history that we did not know from various perspectives. Starting with Hitler on the 12th and Cleopatra on the 19th, two episodes have been broadcast, and they are gaining popularity with high ratings of 5.2% (1 episode) and 5.9% (2 episodes), respectively.

Despite the controversy, the third episode of ‘Seol Min-seok’s True World History’ is scheduled to be broadcast on the 26th. Episode 3 deals with the Nanjing Massacre.

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