‘Stranger 2’ Kim Dong-hui “2020, the time to meet a work that you will think of for a lifetime” [Pictorial]

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

A pictorial with the charm of actor Kim Dong-hui, who has a dreamlike boyhood, has been released.

In tvN ‘Stranger 2′(played by Lee Soo-yeon, directed by Park Hyun-seok), the movie ‘The Strange Country’, a survivor of the drowning accident in Tongyeong and the kidnapper Kim Hu-jeong (played by Kim Dong-hui) and the kidnapper Kim Hu-jeong played the lead role with Choi Min-sik The pictorial of actor Kim Dong-hui, who emerged as a special newcomer in 2020 after finishing the filming of ‘Mathematician’ (Director Park Dong-hoon), was released through the January issue of Marie Claire ‘2021 Rising Star’. In the published pictorial, Kim Dong-Hui catches the eye with an attractive aura. It is equipped with a chic look and has a unique mood with a peculiar lazy atmosphere. Kim Dong-hui’s deep force, who tells many stories with only his eyes, robs the gaze.

In an interview conducted with the pictorial, Kim Dong-hui revealed that he learned that Kim Hu-jeong of ‘Stranger 2’was the murderer after the middle of the play. “At first, I knew that I was cast as ‘College Student 1’, which appears briefly in Episode 1, so after the filming was over, I was also a viewer wondering who the kidnapper of Seo Dong-jae was,” said Kim Dong-hui, who said, “The role itself was also reversed, but the director was in the middle of the drama. The director said ‘Dong-hui, I’ll tell you everything now’ was the greatest moment of reversal for me.” He shared his impressions of the moment when he learned that he was the culprit.

In addition, Kim Dong-hui spent a dreamlike 2020 with the film ‘Mathematician’, who finished filming with Choi Min-sik, and the movie ‘Peter Pan’s Dream’ (Director Eom Ha-neul), which won the domestic competition at the 18th Asiana International Short Film Festival. When asked what kind of time was 2020, he said, “It was the time to meet a work that I would remember in my life. In particular, ‘Mathematician’, which was the first feature film starring and was able to act in the face of Choi Min-sik, is more meaningful in many ways. During the filming, you talked a lot about your attitude toward acting. Thanks to the seniors, I was able to learn and grow a lot.” He answered and made me feel the sincere attitude to acting. Lastly, regarding Kim Dong-hui’s goals and wishes for 2021, he expressed his passion for acting, saying, “I think 2020 is the year that I put my first button as an actor, but in 2021, I want to fill the next one.”

On the other hand, the full picture and interview of actor Kim Dong-hui, who emerged as a ‘super rookie’ by occupying not only TV as well as the screen with the appearance of a comet, can be found in the January issue of ‘Marie Claire’.


Photo provided by Marie Claire

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