‘Hush’ production team “The birth of the investigative journalist team ‘HUSH’, it will be the first turning point”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Hwang Jung-min’s investigative report team ‘HUSH’ is finally on the way.

JTBC’s Friday and Saturday drama ‘Hush’ (director Choi Kyu-sik, playbook Kim Jung-min, production keyist, JTBC studio) reached a turning point with the awakening of Han Jun-hyuk (played by Hwang Jung-min) and the growth of Lee Ji-soo (played by Im Yoon-ah).

Through the death of intern Oh Soo-yeon (played by Kyung Soo-jin), Han Joon-hyuk and Lee Ji-soo painfully faced the unfamiliar and absurd reality of Korea every day in the media. Han Joon-hyuk formed the ‘HUSH’ team, pledged to keep fair opportunities and prices for all the ‘unskilled’ in the world. Meanwhile, including Han Joon-hyuk and Lee Ji-soo, Jeong Se-jun (Kim Won-hae), Kim Ki-ha (Lee Seung-jun), and Yang Yoon-kyung (Yoo Sun) and Choi Kyung-woo (Jeong Joon-won) have been released, raising expectations for their unity.

The group poster, which was released as a Christmas present to viewers waiting for the 5th episode, predicts the activities of veteran reporters Han Joon-hyuk, Jeong Se-joon, Kim Ki-ha, and Yang Yoon-kyung, and new reporters Lee Ji-soo and Choi Kyung-woo, united with passion and enthusiasm. Han Joon-hyuk’s bright smile reminds him of his commitment to quit his life of ‘shitty journalist’ and return to the days he heard the sound of ‘reporter Han’. Lee Ji-soo’s sparkling eyes also catch the eye.

As an intern, Lee Ji-soo shouted “I write articles for making money rather than revealing the truth for justice”, her transformation to overcome pain and grow into a reporter. For the sake of Han Joon-hyuk, there are also veteran troops including Jeong Se-jun, a reassuring reinforcement who unconditionally shouts ‘Call!’, Kim Ki-ha, who has sparked enthusiasm for Han Joon-hyuk’s change, and Yang Yoon-kyung, a perpetual mentor and bone-beater adviser of Han Joon-hyuk. Here, the youngest member of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Choi Geun-hye, who will energize the team with delightful energy and uncover the truth in a passionate straight-line mode. The attention is paid to the sortie of the ‘HUSH’ team.

‘HUSH’ is showing its meaning and value as time goes by. The wage-earning life of salaried reporters aroused sympathy among viewers regardless of generation, gender, occupation and occupation. In addition, reporters’ anguish and introspection shaken at the border between survival and conscience give a deep lingering sound and lead to favorable reviews.

With the awakening of Han Joon-hyuk, the wind of change began to blow every day in Korea, and the 5th episode aired on the 25th (Fri) shows the growth of Han Joon-hyuk and Lee Ji-soo along with the sortie of the ‘HUSH’ team.

The production crew of ‘Hush’ said, “The birth of the ‘HUSH’ team, an exploration report led by Han Joon-hyuk, will be the first turning point in the development of the drama.” “The meaning of those who will dream of a fair world for all ‘inexperienced people’ Please watch the first step you have.”

On the other hand, episode 5 of ‘HUSH’ will be broadcast on JTBC at 11 pm on the 25th (Fri).

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