‘Latte Parents’ Yoo Chae-won was frustrated by her mother, Byun Jeong-soo

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Model Byun Jeong-soo’s daughter, Yoo Chae-won, was frustrated by her mother, who forced to walk on the gravel field.

In the E-channel entertainment program ‘Latte Parents’, which aired on the 23rd, Byun Jeong-soo was depicted with her daughter Yoo Chae-won and her model friends on camping.

On that day, Yoo Chae-won and her friends arrived at Jusangjeolli, opened a small tent on the gravel field and changed clothes for a photo shoot.

Byun Jeong-soo suggested walking to Yoo Chae-won and his friends, who changed their outfits, and Yoo Chae-won asked, “Can we just take a picture?”

When Byun Jung-soo said, “I’m asking for walking for you,” Yoo Chae-won expressed her frustration, saying, “Then, walk alone, and stop asking me to do that.”

In the following interview, Yoo Chae-won was frustrated by saying, “I made it to walk out of nowhere. I don’t want to do it, but my mother closes her ears and says, ‘I’ll do it.'”

Byun Jung-soo explained the reason for suggesting walking, “Even if the model is suddenly asked to direct, you must be ready. You have to use the terrain. How many times will you go to such a place? If you are a model, you should show something like a model.”

Eventually, at the stubborn refusal of Yoo Chae-won, Byun Jung-soo gave up working and became a photographer for Yoo Chae-won and his friends, causing laughter.


Photo|Capture of E-channel broadcasting screen

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