Lee Jia’s Cabbage cook vs Kim Hee-chul’s Cabbage Dim Sum…Who is the winner? (‘Delicious Rendezvous’)

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Lee Ji-ah breaks the mystery with a storm meal at the Christmas special ‘White Night Restaurant’.

At SBS ‘Delicious Rendezvous’, aired on the 24th, Lee Ji-ah’s simple recipe for cabbage, which caught the taste of Nong Venus, is revealed.

On this day, the members had a cooking showdown using cabbage. Yang Se-hyung and Yoo Byung-jae each stepped up as their assistants, led by Lee Jia and Kim Hee-chul, who had prepared the recipe. The menu of this confrontation was Lee Jia’s ‘cabbage pan’ using a waffle pan and ‘cabbage dim sum’ by Kim Hee-chul, who became the main chef after a long time.

Yang Se-hyung, who tasted Lee Jia’s cabbage pancake, praised it as “a new version of pancakes.” Lee Jia’s cabbage dish, seemingly indifferent, succeeded in captivating everyone’s taste buds.

Kim Dong-jun, who tasted Kim Hee-chul’s cabbage dim sum, also praised him, saying that the light taste is perfect for a diet. In particular, the winning prize was the tangerine liquor that appeared on the Jeju Island side of ‘Delicious Rendezvous’ a year ago. The competition is expected to spark even more because of the special product, which raises the question of who will win the tangerine liquor of Jeju Island.

Meanwhile, Baek Jong-won and Kim Dong-jun made juice using special products from Jeju Island. Unlike so far, the juice was made with only one flavor per region, this time using six vegetables that suffer from overproduction and damage from typhoons. These are cabbage, tangerine, broccoli, beets, kolabi, and carrots, and the two named the juice made of these six vegetables ‘Six Baek Juice’.

The two men who first tasted Six Baek Juice frowned on the bitter taste. However, by adding tangerines to give it a sweet taste, and adding the red color of the beetroot, the six hundred juice was born that retains the charm of the ingredients. You can check the six hundred juice recipe that makes you healthy just by looking at it on the air.

Next, the ‘White Night Restaurant’, which was fully decorated with a special Christmas feature, opened. It is said that it created the atmosphere at the end of the year with pictures that can reflect the memories of this year and a sparkling tree. Owner Baek Jong-won presented a recipe using cabbage, from a set of three simple sauteed cabbage to toast on a special day. Baek Jong-won’s Chinese-style cabbage stir-fried, Lee Jia was surprised to say that it tasted similar to what he had eaten in China, and Kim Dong-jun also said that he remembered when he was in China.

On the other hand, Lee Jia was indulged in eating and drinking with a smiling smile at the constant course meal. Contrary to the image of mysticism, she, who was spreading the storm food room, said that she eats all skates and tofu without being unable to eat. Jia Lee said, “Good shot!” to Baek Jong-won’s brilliant wok skill! She shouted out “Nice shot!” and showed a perfect fit. Cabbage recipes that can only be tasted at ‘White Night Restaurant’ and Lee Ji-ah’s reversal charm can be found in SBS ‘Delicious Rendezvous’, which airs at 9 pm on the 24th.


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