‘Revenge’ Kim Sa-rang, Jeong Man-sik, Jeong Hyun-jun’s mother and father ‘Fight face to face’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Revenge’ Kim Sa-rang and Jeong Man-sik raised the tension to the peak with the ‘tear confrontation’ surrounding Jeong Hyun-jun parental authority.

In the TV CHOSUN Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Revenge’ (Director Kang Min-gu / play Kim Hyo-jin / production High Ground, Blossom Story, Story Hunter), the role of Kang Hae-ra, who uses money and power to trample the weak to the strong, throws exhilarating revenge. As the chairman of the FB group, he plays a great role in the role of Kim Sang-gu, who is fighting over the throne with his daughter, Kim Tae-on (Yoo Sun).

Above all, in the last broadcast, he appeared on the main news of the FBC broadcasting station Kang Hae-ra, and publicly exposed the FB group’s tyranny. However, Kim Sang-gu, who learned that Kang Hae-ra (Kim Sa-rang)’s son Lee Ga-on (Jeong Hyun-jun) was the child of Chai-hyun (Park Eun-hye), brought Lee Ga-on to Korea by ordering Cha Min-joon (Yoon Hyun-min) to go to the airport. Kang Hae-ra, who ran, gave a shock as he met Cha Min-joon and Kim Sang-gu in a three-way encounter.

In this regard, the scene of ‘Blitzoku’, where Kim Sa-rang and Jeong Man-sik collided the eyes of the play and the drama, was captured and attracted attention. She sits upright in front of Kim Sang-gu, who presents a thick money bag named Kang Hae-ra, and shows a firm determination to protect Iga-on, but soon after seeing the mysterious note given by Kim Sang-gu, she pours out tears. What is the reason why Kang Hae-ra burst into tears, and whether he will be able to protect Lee Ga-on’s custody of Kang Hae-ra and go straight to revenge against Kim Sang-gu is growing.

The scene in which Kim Sa-rang and Jeong Man-sik waged a ‘paternal dispute conflict’ took place on a set in Gwangju City, Gyeonggi-do. The two of them were the first to match the sum of their own acting after the start of the drama on this day’s shooting. Before the filming, the two drew attention with an atmosphere that was 180 degrees different from the confrontation in the day, such as expressing gladness with a bold smile. Following that, the two who had been meticulously checking the script with high concentration performed perfectly instinctive and dense performances with Kang Hae-ra and Kim Sang-gu, respectively, along with Qsign. The two men’s breathtaking smoke created a feeling of tension and even the staff stopped breathing.

The production crew said, “Kim Sa-rang and Jeong Man-sik improved the immersion of the scene by fully digesting the emotions of the characters that are going through extreme conflict.” “How is the direction of ‘Revenge’, which has been braked by unpredictable reversals even one step ahead? Please watch whether it will unfold or who will be held in the arms of Jeong Hyun-jun.”

Meanwhile, TV CHOSUN’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Revenge’ has changed the production schedule to comply with the COVID-19 quarantine rules. do. At the same time, it is offered as a VOD (review) on a wavve.


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