Shin Dong-yeop x Kim Yoo-jeong meet as MC of ‘2020 SBS Drama Awards’ [Official]

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Shin Dong-yeop and Kim Yoo-jeong are the MCs of the ‘2020 SBS Drama Awards’ with the viewers on the last day of 2020.

The ‘2020 SBS Drama Awards’, which is unfolded as a special feature on the 30th anniversary of the founding of SBS, is more interesting than ever this year. In particular, broadcaster Shin Dong-yeop and actor Kim Yoo-jeong were selected as MCs for the ‘2020 SBS Drama Awards’ awards ceremony held on December 31, and the year is ended with viewers who have loved SBS drama.

Shin Dong-yeop, who has been with SBS history as an MC of SBS’ representative entertainment show ‘My Little Old Boy’ and a national MC, will once again become the MC for the Drama Awards, celebrating the 30th anniversary of SBS. Shin Dong-yeop, who will be in charge of the fourth performance this year, is uniquely witty. It is expected to open a splendid stage of the 2020 SBS drama settlement with talk and clean progress.

In addition, Kim Yoo-jeong, who has been loved by viewers with a variety of charms in the SBS Friday and Saturday drama ‘Backstreet Rookie’, will become an MC after a long time. Kim Yoo-jeong, who became the leading actress in K-drama after becoming a child actor, will co-host with Shin Dong-yeop to further brighten the ‘2020 SBS Drama Awards’, which celebrates its 30th anniversary.

PD Jang Seok-jin, who directed the ‘2020 SBS Drama Awards’, said, “Veteran Shin Dong-yeop, who has held numerous awards ceremonies, and Kim Yoo-jeong, who also played an active part as a popular song MC, are working together. Please look forward to the fresh combination and synergy of the two. SBS is a series of highly topical dramas, and it has been loved by viewers.” As this upcoming event is decorated as a special feature for the 30th anniversary of its founding, it will introduce a variety of SBS dramas not only this year but also so far.”

Meanwhile, the ‘2020 SBS Drama Awards’ plans to create a safe awards ceremony according to the guidelines of the quarantine authorities. Unlike in the past, there is no table under the stage where the performers sit together, but after each stand-by in the waiting space, the prize winner comes out and receives a prize. Trophies are also placed on the award table for safe awards, and the winners will take their own trophies. MCs expressed their will to do their best to prevent Corona 19 by using personal microphones as a basis, and by disinfecting microphones and replacing microphone covers for each award.

‘2020 SBS Drama Awards’ will be broadcast on SBS from 9 pm on December 31st.

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