End-of-year special ‘GoStar BuStar’, Korean beef eatery + high-quality live release

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Kim Tae-woo meets viewers with a special feature at the end of the year.

Kim Tae-woo’s ‘GoStar BuStar’, which will be released at 6 pm on the 25th, is a special feature at the end of the year, featuring comedian Kim Jun-hyun, CLC Seung-hee, and Weki Meki Ji Soo-yeon. Kim Tae-woo, who prepared a special corner prepared for the end of the year, invites experts from meat brands for guests.

The guests take a music quiz with a special product, high-quality Korean beef. When a mission is given to guess the food that is reminiscent of listening to the music released through the Joker’s piano accompaniment, the guests defend the meat with their wits while keeping the audience’s ears with cool singing skills.

Guests are admired by the appearance and excellent taste of various Korean beef cuts such as toshi-sal and salchi-sal. Kim Joon-hyun said, “The meat is really soft. It’s really moist and only the juice will quench your thirst.” They generously show off their personal skills to keep meat, giving viewers fun.

On the other hand,’GoStar BuStar-I’m Going to Pick Up’ is a mobile variety program where guests visit destinations, restaurants, and people they want to meet using a 45-seater multi-bus studio where Kim Tae-woo can perform multi content It will be broadcast on YouTube at 6 PM on Friday.


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