Hwang Min-woo “Thank you for having a busy schedule than me” (‘Morning Yard’)

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Little Psy’ Hwang Min-woo expressed his gratitude to his mother.

KBS 1TV’s current affairs program ‘Morning Yard’, which aired on the 25th, continued with the theme of ‘Thank you for Christmas, I’m sorry, I love you.’

On this day, Hwang Min-woo said, “I want to thank my mother. I was very busy this year, but my mother had a more murder schedule than me. At dawn, he ironed the stage costume and put on hair and makeup. He also expressed his gratitude, saying, ‘You don’t take a break even during the broadcast waiting time and you keep watching me’.”

Hwang Min-woo’s mother expressed her affection, saying, “How can I sleep comfortably while my son is broadcasting”, and Hwang Min-woo was impressed by presenting a bouquet, saying, “I’m always really grateful.”


Photo lKBS 1TV

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