“I believe in the power of passion”…Yunho ‘About Time’ quote 5

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Yunho, who is known as ‘K-Pop Emperor’ and ‘Passion Icon’, impressed his with a heart-sounding counselor.

Yunho appeared as the first legend in the wave’s original entertainment ‘About Time’, which was released on the 24th, and left numerous words. Yunho’s own philosophy and values, accumulated from the years of trainees who progressed with a dream, and the times that he had experienced from his debut to becoming a K-pop emperor, and overcoming all the storms, were revealed intact.

The ‘Time Auction’, which was planned for the first time in the history of broadcasting, and the monopoly with the successful bidders prepared through this went beyond the level of a simple fan meeting. It is a valuable turning point in life for those who desperately want success, and sincerely for those afflicted with worries and troubles. I rang my heart through counseling.

MC Lee Soo-geun, who watched, said, “I think I read a book called Yunho,” and Ho-dong Kang said, “I don’t sell at any bookstore, and I can only enjoy it in ‘About Time’.” The close encounter with the legend, which was arranged as a time auction, and the purpose of it have been shining from the first.

The following is an excerpt from Yunho’s philosophy, who poured out numerous phrases. The full version can be found on Wave.

◆ “Worry is like a rocking chair”

About the areas where you are anxious and worried about preparing for a job. “I hope it won’t be shaken. At that moment, it can go wrong. How about that? You just have to turn around a little. Worry is like a rocking chair. It just shakes and doesn’t fall.”

◆ “I believe in the power of passion”

Regarding the question, ‘Isn’t it just for passion?’ “I believe in the power of passion. The fight against time is also passion. What would you think when you see someone digging the ground at Seoul Station for a week? If that person keeps digging for a week? At first, it may seem crazy, but interested “If you do that for 6 months? Now people start talking, and they dig the ground together.”

◆ “A miracle happens from the moment you admit it”

‘I’m trying to stop what I really liked and start over, but I can’t do it. Hearing the worries that the vicious cycle continues, where only self-esteem is lowered. “I have been diagnosed with poison terrorism and ligaments in my legs, so I couldn’t dance. I wasn’t afraid. Rather, it took me a long time to admit it. Came into being.”

◆ “Have you tried really hard enough?”

Watching him give up his dream for a living. “It’s a difference of thought. I’ve tried really hard enough to be proud of others. People don’t know if I blame myself and think about myself. I have to act. If I’m going to do it, it’s really obvious! That way, even if I fail, I’ll support you even if I fail. If you do something that is genuine, people will surely come together.”

◆ “Why do you limit your thoughts?”

In addition to the words to just think and do not hesitate to act, he said “You can do anything. Why block your thoughts with limits. It’s equally difficult to prepare for anything anyway. All you have to do is change your thoughts and act. Even if the results don’t appear right now, everything will come over time. The speed can be different. Even if there is, the result will not be different.”


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