Kang Seok-woo “’Fighting Dementia’ Yoon Jung-hee, I don’t know from someday.” (‘Let’s Live Together’)

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Kang Seok-woo cried while thinking of Yoon Jung-hee, who is struggling with dementia.

Kang Seok-woo appeared as a guest in the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Let’s Live Together’, broadcast on the 23rd.

On this day, Kang Seok-woo and Park Won-sook were in harmony in the 1978 movie ‘Yeosu’. Kang Seok-woo presented a diamond platinum ring to Park Won-sook, saying, “We have to clear the past.” So Park Won-sook recalled Yoon Jung-hee, who appeared in the movie at the time, and said, “If you are healthy, it would be great to talk to the ring.

Kang Seok-woo said, “I often went to performances, pianist Paik Kun-woo, who is Yoon Jung-hee’s husband. There was always Yoon Jung-hee in the dressing room, and he greeted me happily. But at some point, I didn’t pretend to know when I went.” He recalled Yoon Jung-hee, who was fighting Alzheimer’s dementia.

So Park Won-sook said, “At that time, with Yoon Jung-hee, I told Kang Seok-woo, ‘You will be the rising star. If it goes well, please give me a loop.’ But I was alone.”


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