‘The Uncanny Counter’ Kim Se-jung “Please watch the ability of Cho Byeong-gyu to level up”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Se-jung revealed the points of the second half of OCN’s ‘The Uncanny Counter’ through a written interview.

OCN Saturday’s original ‘The Uncanny Counter’ (played by Yeo Ji-na, directed by Yoo Sun-dong), which breaks the wall of 9% viewer rating in 8 episodes, and is changing its own highest ratings and OCN’s highest ratings every week. An exhilarating and sweaty demon-breaking hero that defeats the demons of the sea.

Kim Se-jung is a psychometric capable person who reads the memories of others and is playing a hot role with the human radar ‘Do Ha-na’, who has a 100% detection rate of demons. In particular, the exhilarating girl crush action shown in the 5th elevator fighting scene and the high-density emotional acting that makes viewers heart-wrenching are popular, and they are gaining both life and life titles.

Meanwhile, ‘The Uncanny Counter’ started with 2.7% once, exceeded the previous highest rating of 7.1% in OCN in the 6th episode, and recorded 9.3% in the 8th episode, breaking through the wall of 9% audience rating for the first time in OCN history, continuing a phenomenal rise.

Regarding the support of such viewers, Kim Se-jung said, “We are continuing a high ratings march that we never thought of every time, so thank you again for the support of the viewers.” After saying, “I think that I should be more nervous and work hard, and I am whipping myself. We will do our best to finish it safely in return for the love sent by viewers. Thank you very much.”

In particular, ‘The Uncanny Counter’ is a situation that predicted a bloody confrontation due to the reunion of rumors of a special member of the counter (by Cho Byeong-gyu) and the evil spirit Ji Cheong-sin (by Lee Hong-nae) in the last broadcast. Kim Se-jung said, “Please look forward to the increasingly stronger demons and counters’ activity against this.” After taking luck, “The growth of a storm of rumors with Counters’ fellowship accumulating with blood, sweat and tears will be the highlight of the second half. The same. In particular, please confirm the wonderful ability of the rumor that will level up further with this broadcast.”

Lastly, Kim Se-jung delivered a message of support to viewers tired of COVID-19, saying, “There must be a lot of upset and frustrating things these days, but I hope that you will see the ‘The Uncanny Counter’ that open up the inside and work hard together.”

Meanwhile, ‘The Uncanny Counter’ will be closed on the 26th and 27th. On the 26th, the movie ‘Shazam!’ and the movie ‘Bad Guys: The Movie’ on the 27th.


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