“A Love So Beautiful” Director Seo Min-jung “Kim Yo-han is a talented actor, expressing his character well”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Director Seo Min-jung praised Kim Yo-han as’To us who were beautiful’.

On the afternoon of the 28th, a production presentation of the Kakao TV original drama ‘A Love So Beautiful’ was held. Due to the aftermath of the spread of COVID-19 (a novel coronavirus infection), Kim Yo-han, So Joo-yeon, Yeo Hoe-hyeon, and director Seo Min-jung attended this production presentation, which was broadcast live online.

Singer and actor Kim Yo-han, who is a member of the group WEi, takes on the role of Cha Heon, a 17-year-old perfect man who is a face genius and smarter at Cheonji High School, who is loved by Shin Sol-yi (played by So Joo-yeon).

On this day, director Seo Min-jung said about the reason for casting Kim Yo-han, “Kim Yo-han is a cute guy. Kim Yo-han is usually cute and has a lot of aegyo. Cha Heon looks cynical, but I thought I should show a warm side.”

The director continued, “So I wanted to show a dual appearance, but Kim Yo-han was good enough to think that he was’a thousand acting’.”

‘A Love So Beautiful’ is a first love romance that tells the story of a cute and cheerful high school girl Shin Sol-yi (played by So Joo-yeon), her childhood friend Cha Heon (played by Kim Yo-han), whom she loves unrequited for 17 years, and her friends who share youth with them.

Kakao M remakes the Korean version of the Chinese drama ‘A Love So Beautiful’, which was aired on Tencent TV in China in 2017 and enjoyed explosive popularity.

Kakao M’s ‘A Love So Beautiful’ will be available on Kakao TV every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday from the 28th at 5pm.


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