‘FM Grand March’ Swings “I hope many people see me as an artist, rather than a boss”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Rapper Swings said “I’m not satisfied with the final 4th place in ‘Show Me the Money 9’.” He also expressed his ambition of “I want to be called an artist” in 2021.

On the morning of the 28th, Swings appeared in the special invited seat of KBS 2FM ‘Jo Woo Jong’s FM Grand March’ and expressed their feelings about the recently ended Mnet ‘Show Me the Money 9’.

On this day, Swings revealed his intentions for the final round, saying, “I am not satisfied” with the grade of ‘the 4th’. Swings said, “Mushvenom and Lilboy were strong in fan voting, and such a chart came out for two weeks in a row. So, my mind was getting weaker.”

Swings said, “It was like this, but the result came out like that. It was really painful. It was time to wait for my defeat. I did my best, but I don’t want to do it so keep it over. I remembered my heart at that time.”

He picked Code Kunst as the person who cared most for the cast. Swings said, “Code Kunst was my main producer. I became very close to Palo Alto, and Code Kunst was originally close to me. He is really a professional artist. He only works most of his time, having a clear perspective on his music.”

Swings confessed honestly about the production of Code Kunst, who advised him. He said “Stop (the strong ones) and try to change your image. So I made the (final round) plain, but in fact I was worried because if I made it plain, my unique charm would disappear.”

‘Show Me the Money’ When I started as a participant after a few years as a producer in the last season, he said, “It was difficult because I did what I told him to do for a long time. Is it hard at this age?”

Swings, who currently runs a fitness center, also complained of the grievances of self-employed people living in the prolonged era of COVID-19. Swings said, “The situation is the worst right now. I run for fitness centers, and I’m closing all of them for a month. It’s a very sad situation, and it will be too hard to think of people who work similar to me.”

Also, to the ‘exercise group’ who lost a place to go, he said, “If you can’t exercise, it’s really hard. If you don’t exercise, it’s down, let’s do our best.”

Regarding the opportunity to change from the existing rough and sharp image to soft and soft, Swings said, “There were too many. There were moments where I thought I shouldn’t live like this,” he said. “I meditated and tried to put it down.”

He mentioned IU as an artist who wants to collaborate with him, saying that he want to be a real artist in 2021. He laughed, “In fact, I had a strong image like the boss, but I want to become more art art.”


Photo | Screen capture of ‘Jo Woo Jong’s FM Grand March’ broadcast

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