Lee Min-hyuk announced the new song ‘Play’ on the 29th… Jeong Dong-hwan’s Arrangement Completeness↑

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer-songwriter Lee Min-hyuk will release new song ‘Play’.

On the 29th, Lee Min-hyuk will release the single ‘Play’ through an online music site. A new song released in a month after last month’s ‘Across Winter’, it contains the content that the wounds caused by love and belief that a song mixed with regret to miss the other person will flow somewhere and reach you someday.

Lee Min-hyuk’s agency introduced, “It is also a healing song that we hope to be the beginning of comfort by looking back at our dazzling memories.”

The song was written and composed by Lee Min-hyuk, and the melody song Jeong Dong-hwan was named as co-composed and arranged with Lee Min-hyuk. Regarding the collaborative work with Jeong Dong-hwan, Lee Min-hyuk said, “I made some demos and went to the studio because (Jeong Dong-hwan) said he could help me when I was uncomfortable in the arrangement. I heard a demo and a study that I really made with one guitar, and as soon as I heard it, he said, ‘Everything you want is possible.’ Expressed gratitude.”

Lee Min-hyuk’s ‘Play’ was produced as a part of the excellent musician creation support project supported by the Seoul Music Creation Support Center. It will be released on the 29th at noon.


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