Sayuri of ‘voluntary unmarried mother’ “The reason my son is mixed race…”

The son that Sayuri revealed. Photo|Sayuri SNS

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Sayuri, 41, a ‘voluntarily unmarried mother’, revealed the face of her 50-day-old son.

On the 27th, Sayuri Fujita, a broadcaster from Japan, uploaded a picture taken with her son on the 27th, showing a feeling of happiness and deep maternal love as a mother. Sayuri’s son looked like a half blood child, not a Japanese.

Sayuri received sperm from Westerners, not from Asians, and gave birth to a son through natural childbirth on the 4th of last month. Sayuri shared the reason on the 25th through the YouTube channel Sayuri TV.

Sayuri said, “I didn’t care about whether sperm was donated by a Western man or Asian man. Then I decided to be someone in the West. There are very few Asians in the donation area. I don’t seem to donate a lot.”

Also, regarding the standards for sperm donation, “Do not drink or smoke. The first priority was to have a healthy body.” “I didn’t care about having a high IQ. On the other hand, I purposely looked for someone with a high EQ level. I thought it was important to know what other people were thinking and whether they had a lot of empathy.”

Sayuri’s father joked about his grandchildren, saying, “You have to raise your son to be an international and global person,” and “You have to be careful with women.”

Sayuri explained her feelings after childbirth, saying, “The baby feels unfamiliar at first, but he’s getting pretty every day.”

Sayuri was donated by sperm from Japan on the 4th of last month. On the 16th of last month, when this fact was first known, Sayuri said in an interview with KBS1 ‘News 9’, “The world seemed to collapse after hearing the story of ‘natural pregnancy is difficult, and the probability of success is not high even if you have an in vitro procedure right now.'” “It was difficult no matter how much I thought about getting married in a hurry to find someone I didn’t love.”

She added, “In Korea, only married people can test tubes, and everything was illegal.” She explained the reason why he received sperm donation in Japan, adding, “I want you to recognize the right to have children.”
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