‘2’o clock’s Date’ Baek A-yeon x Jung Seung-hwan,’reverse tension’ of two balladers to awaken winter sensibility (Total)

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singers Baek Ah-yeon and Jung Seung-hwan boasted a unique chemistry.

Singers Baek Ah-yeon and Jung Seung-hwan appeared as guests in MBC FM4U’s ‘2’o clock’s Date, We are MUZIE and Ahn Young-mi’ broadcast on the 29th.

On this day, DJ Muse and Ahn Young-mi introduced Baek Ah-yeon and Jung Seung-hwan, saying, “It seems like winter has come to see their songs appear on the street.”

Baek Ah-yeon, who was from SBS ‘K-Pop Star’ season 1, sent a love call to Jung Seung-hwan, who was from season 4, saying that she wanted to release an album together. At the request of the musician and Ahn Young-mi, COOL’s ‘Aroha’ instant duet was presented.

The two also shared their experiences of making mistakes on stage. Baek Ah-yeon, who was nicknamed ‘strong heart,’ because she wasn’t nervous at the time of her debut, said, “I have a lot of worries about what to do if I forget the lyrics these days.” Jung Seung-hwan also shared, “The lyrics are often wrong. There are many enemies on stage like humming.”

Jung Seung-hwan is said to have tried acting in the new music video. When DJ Muse said, “It’s really hard to express something without lines when shooting a music video. I would love to, but it was a bold challenge for me.”

Baek Ah-yeon mentioned the breathing in the music video with actor Yoon Park and said, “It was too difficult to shoot a sweet scene in the first place.”

Jung Seung-hwan and Baek Ah-yeon shared their daily life at home, expressing regret that the performance was canceled due to the COVID-19. Baek Ah-yeon, who has a lot of hobbies, said that she is knitting with a sticker book that completes paintings with stickers, and Jung Seung-hwan, who does not leave the bed, introduced his life as “the amount of work has increased. I am still or practicing the piano.”

On this day, Jung Seung-hwan responded to a listener’s story that he witnessed Jung Seung-hwan in a beauty salon before his debut. Jung Seung-hwan said, “At the time, I was just before going to the audition. Before my debut, I sang a song with MR because I said that if I sang a song at the hair salon for free, I sang a song with MR.” I fell and made the audience laugh.

In the end, Baek Ah-yeon ended with “I’m going to fill it up until the end of the year. Thank you for calling.” Jung Seung-hwan also said, “It is an honor to do the last schedule of this year in ‘Dude’.”

On the other hand, Baek Ah-yeon released a new single ‘Do Not Be Cold’ on the 24th. On the 8th, Jung Seung-hwan released his new song ‘On this street without fail’.


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