Baek Ah-Yeon black and white pictorial, chic + sexy

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Singles’, a joyful lifestyle magazine for confident singles, released a new digital single ‘Not Cold’ on the 24th, and released a visual pictorial featuring Baek Ah-yeon’s image transformation, which is loved as a ballad full of winter sensibility.

In this pictorial, Baek Ah-yeon perfectly directed a charismatic atmosphere that is contrary to the existing fresh and bright image, exuding a reversal charm. In particular, the back door that surprised the shooting staff by showing a more mature sexy beauty with profound eyes, facial expressions, and poses comparable to models.

Singer Baek Ah-yeon, who released a new digital single ‘Not Cold’ on the 24th, showed off a winter ballad that you believe and listen to with emotional lyrics and voices. “This time I wanted a song that clearly reveals emotions. I was in love or after love, I wanted to play a song that could clearly reveal the feelings of separation.” In addition, she said, “I can’t always shrivel, but the lyrics are the same. Even from the standpoint of direct and conversational lyrics, it is comfortable and touches my heart.” She revealed the secret of writing lyrics with 100% sympathy.

Baek Ah-yeon, who recently overcame the person who cares about the attention of the people around her and overcame her worries, said, “I don’t have quickness, but endurance seems to be okay. It’s a style that does it silently when something happens. If there is nothing to do, it is rather anxious.” Regarding the goal of 2021, she said, “I wish we could release a regular album,” and expressed her greed and aspiration, saying, “I made two comebacks in 2020, but I want to do better with the goal of three comebacks next year.”

Singer Baek Ah-yeon’s unconventional charisma pictorials, singing with her own beliefs and unrivaled voice, can be found in the January issue of ‘Singles’ and ‘Singles’ website.

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