‘Cultwo Show’ Cha In-pyo, a talk-explosion promotion fairy, “The movie ‘Chain-pyo’ is the C-class movie, shower scene is also coming out” (General)

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Actor Cha In-pyo told a movie-like life story.

Cha In-pyo, who returned to the movie ‘Cha In-pyo’ (director Kim Dong-gyu), appeared as a guest in SBS Power FM’s ‘2’o clock’s Escape Cultwo Show’, which aired on the 29th. Comedian Yoo Min-sang also shined as a special DJ.

On this day, DJ Kim Tae-gyun asked, “What was it like when you said you were making the movie ‘Cha In-pyo’?”

Cha In-pyo said, “Five years ago, director Kim Dong-gyu brought the script of the movie ‘Cha In-pyo.’ I refused, but five years later, I was going through a stagnation. So I agreed.” He then explained the character of ‘Cha In-pyo’ in the play, saying, “He is a character who is in a slump and is trapped.”

Kim Tae-gyun asked, “What is the synchronization rate between Cha In-pyo and Cha In-pyo in the movie ‘Cha In-pyo’?” Cha In-pyo replied, “I’ll tell you about 50%. Please check with the work.” In response, DJ Yoo Min-sang trembled, saying, “The characters in the play are too trapped, so you’re saying 50% for no reason.”

When Kim Tae-gyun asked, “‘Extreme Job’ was loved by a B-class comedy, what kind of class is this movie?” Cha In-pyo said, “This movie is of a C-class” and made a laugh.

Cha In-pyo said, “This film is not released in movie theaters, but on OTT service. This is the first time a Korean comedy has been released simultaneously in 190 countries. I do not want to become famous, and I am looking forward to the Korean comedy becoming a global standard.” Expectations for the movie release were revealed. He also added, “I have filmed 11 to 12 films. But this is the first time that the reaction was good before the release.”

When DJ Kim Tae-gyun asked, “What was your sister-in-law’s reaction?” Cha In-pyo replied, “5 years ago, I asked what to do, but this time, I said ‘If you want to do it, do it.'”

On this day, a listener sent a real-time text message saying, “‘Brushing your teeth of anger’ is an example of wrong brushing habits even for kindergarten teachers now.” DJ Kim Tae-gyun asked, “How is your dental health actually?” Cha In-pyo said, “I did a few implants. That’s a bad age.”

Another listener sent a real-time text message saying, “I purchased Cha In-pyo’s novel ‘Today’s Forecast.’ Cha In-pyo said, “I published two novel books. ‘Today’s Forecast’ is the second novel I published. The first novel, ‘Goodbye Hill’, was sold to a certain movie company and became a movie.” After saying, “I will continue to publish novels in the future,” DJ Kim Tae-gyun asked, “What material will you use for the next work?” Cha In-pyo replied, “I am going to write about artificial intelligence.”

On the other hand, another listener sent a real-time text message saying, “Cha In-pyo has never taken a bed scene.” It was a day when listeners’ texts poured out more than ever.

Cha In-pyo said, “I didn’t shoot. But there was a time that I almost did. I debuted as a shiny star and the work didn’t come in. But a director suggested a movie titled ‘Bachelor Party’, saying that he prepared a movie for you. Immediately afterward, ‘Love in your arms’ came in.” Cha In-pyo won stardom with the drama ‘Love in Your Arms’ aired on MBC in 1994 (played by Lee Seon-mi, Ki-ho Kim, and Lee Jin-suk), as well as marrying her partner actor Shin Ae-ra in the drama.

He added, “But there is a shower scene in this movie ‘Cha In-pyo’. I’m not curious, but if you want to see Cha In-pyo’s current body, take a look.” When another listener sent a message saying, “Is there any objection by Shin Ae-ra,” Cha In-pyo said, “There was no objection that was revealed because I kept my good.”

On this day, DJs and guests participated in the corner ‘Let’s go in the middle.’ ‘Let’s go in the middle’ is a corner where the 2nd place wins among the answers given by my three people about statistics for a specific question and gives a gift to the listeners who gave the same answer as the 2nd place. In today’s broadcast, the question was “What job would Cha In-pyo have had if he hadn’t become an actor?”

Cha In-pyo said, “In fact, I went to the company before I became an actor. I was a sales employee selling containers. I didn’t have a talent, so I was thinking about another way.” The answer he wrote was ‘bookstore operator’. Cha In-pyo said, “If I can, I want to become a full-time writer. But this is a second-class answer, so I picked ‘bookstore operator’ once.”

When DJ Kim Tae-gyun asked, “Is your original writing skills good?” Cha In-pyo said, “I still don’t have good writing skills. However, I have a desire to digest as much as I read a book.”

Kim Tae-gyun answered ‘diplomat’ and Yoo Min-sang answered ‘saxophone player’. As a result of querying the text messages from the listeners, Tae-gyun Kim won second place. The most frequent answer was ‘Health Trainer’.

Cha In-pyo said, “Everyone suffered from Corona 19 in 2020. I hope it will be the next year when the corona is ended. Corona is off,” said Cha In-pyo cheerfully.

Meanwhile, Cha In-pyo meets movie fans with the Netflix original movie ‘Cha In-pyo’ (director Dong-gyu Kim), which will be released on January 1 of next year.


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