D.Ark, exclusive contract with P Nation [Official]

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Rapper D.Ark has joined as the new youngest member of P NATION.

On the 29th, P NATION said, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with D.Ark. D.Ark will release their debut single ‘POTENTIAL’ on the 30th.”

At the same time as the announcement that the main character of ‘NEW ARTIST’, which was previously announced through the official SNS account, is DIAC, the official video of D.Ark’s ‘POTENTIAL’ is released through the YouTube channel and SNS It was revealed and caught the eye.

In the video, D.Ark dressed in a leather jacket and beanie in red and green lighting, and showed a unique wrapping. As the cloth covering the background was removed at the end of the video, the logo of ‘WE ARE P NATION’ appeared, and D.Ark finished the stage leisurely, pointing to the logo with a brighter expression. It not only conveys the meeting of D.Ark and P Nation, but also predicts the future special synergy, amplifying the anticipation for a new beginning.

D.Ark is a young rapper who showed outstanding rap skills with a strong presence in Mnet hip-hop survival ‘Show Me the Money Triple Seven (777)’ and ‘Show Me the Money 9’, and took an early look in the hip-hop scene.

With the joining of P Nation, D.Ark will release their debut single ‘POTENTIAL’ at noon on the 30th at the same time in Korea and globally, and officially start music activities. Presently, Psy is the head of P Nation, Jessi, HyunA, Crush, Heize, and DAWN. The expectation is also raised in the unusual steps of P Nation, who welcomed D.Ark as a new artist.


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