‘Dogs are Incredible’ Kang Hyung-wook, Kennel training for multi-family families

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Animal trainer Kang Hyung-wook proposed kennel training to multiple families.

In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Dogs are Incredible’, which aired on the 28th, a multi-dog family with six dogs appeared. On this day, Kang Hyung-wook, Lee Gyeong-gyu, and Jang Do-yeon observed Jong-hee, a dog that refused to walk on a leash among six dogs, and Kaby and Do-dam, which were aggressive toward each other.

Kang Hyung-wook, who was put into the field afterwards, emphasized the importance of space separation. He recommended kennel training, and explained that if a dog perceives the kennel as his space, he feels comfortable and does not show aggressiveness.

Kang Hyung-wook placed kennels around the guardian’s home, such as by the front door and by the sofa, and threw snacks inside to induce the dog to enter it naturally. The guardian and Hyung-wook Kang adapted their dogs to the kennel, and then made them eat food in the kennel. The six dogs that had adapted to kennel training were surprised to see that they did not attack each other in a stable state.


Photo | KBS2 broadcast screen capture

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