‘Empress Myeongseong’ side “Postponed 2 weeks from the start of the performance… First performance on January 19”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

The 25th anniversary performance of the musical ‘Empress Myeongseong’ (producer Yoon Hong-seon, director Ahn Jae-seung) decided to postpone the opening for two weeks.

Acom (CEO Yoon Hong-seon), the production company of the musical ‘Empress Myeongseong’, which will be a monumental performance in the history of Korean musicals, said, “We will actively cooperate with the government’s policy for the prevention of COVID-19, which is currently spreading, and safe production environment for actors and staff and We decided to postpone the opening of the performance in full consideration of the audience’s concerns about the pandemic. We ask for the understanding of many people who have been waiting for and participating in the performance.” Due to the postponement of the opening, reservations from January 6th to January 24th, 2021, when ticket reservations were available, will be canceled collectively without a separate request, through reservations and without cancellation fees.

The musical ‘Empress Myeongseong’ was prepared for about two years to commemorate the 25th anniversary, and a major change in production was prepared. The drama was reinforced in the existing Sung Through format, and the script was newly refined, the unprecedented change in stage design using LEDs and the participation of world-renowned composers Yang Bang-eon, the entire musical number was newly arranged, and the existing costumes were discarded to become more colorful. A new costume was made to commemorate the past 25 years and at the same time show a new musical ‘Empress Myeongseong’. In addition, previous casts such as Kim So-hyun, Shin Young-suk, and Son Jun-ho, and new casts such as Kang Pil-sook, Park Min-sung, Yoon Hyung-ryul, and Lee Chang-seop (BTOB) are preparing a stable and changed production different from previous performances.

Yoon Hong-seon, CEO of Acom, the production company of the musical ‘Empress Myeongseong’, said, “I would like to thank the actors and staff for preparing for the performance in the last three months, even in the increasingly difficult situation, and to the audience for waiting for the 25th anniversary performance. I will tell you. We will do our best to put the performance on the stage so that the preparations for the past two years are not wasted, and so that the musical ‘Empress Myeongseong’ can convey some comfort to many who are tired of COVID-19. Like the message of ‘Wake up, people,’ the representative song of the musical ‘Empress Myeongseong’, I hope that many of you do not get tired and overcome this difficult time together. As long as the opening was postponed, I will do my best to prepare the 25th anniversary production until the opening day.”

Since its premiere in the Seoul Arts Center in 1995, the musical ‘Empress Myeongseong’ has been performed in New York, London, and Canada, raising the status of a Korean musical and showing its potential. In addition to the tragic life of ‘Empress Myeongseong’, who had to face as the 26th Queen of the Joseon Dynasty, the image of a compassionate mother and a woman politician who tried to protect the country against the surrounding powers in the era of cataclysmic changes were captured by the public and critics. It made an impression, and above all, it had a high meaning in that it was a large musical made by Koreans that contained the sentiment of Koreans.

The performance for the 25th anniversary of the musical ‘Empress Myeongseong’ will be further strengthened during the two-week opening postponement period, and will be performed at the Opera Theater in the Seoul Arts Center on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.


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