Flaming Youth’ Choi Min-yong and Park Yoon-hee, pink air flow… even hugs

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Flaming Youth’ summons a game of memories of those days.

In the recent recording of SBS entertainment program ‘Flaming Youth,’ Koo Bon-seung, who was worried about Bambi, who did not intend to stop, suggested the ‘Star Survival Living Together’ where Kang Hyun-soo played in the past. Donggeodongrak, which was loved a lot in the early 2000s, is a representative star at that time, Hyun-soo became popular on the show. As a result, Kim Bu-yong became an MC and shared ‘The Handsome Team vs. the Ugly Team’, and the next morning, preparing and washing the dishes made the youth’s desire to compete.

First, they started the ‘Dance Competition’, a relaxation game. Oh Seung-eun, the ugly team that came out first, took over the stage at once by showing the proprietary ‘Bang Bang Dance’. The handsome team, Hyun-soo, showed off his name in the form of a ‘dancing machine’ at the end of the century, and the main victory became the ‘pelvic emperor’ with a dizzy (?) turn of the waist, enthusiasm for the youth.

In addition, the ugly team’s performance was remarkable in the following game of ‘Long-lasting on the newspaper’. In particular, Jeong-su suggested a surprise idea that he would lift three members at the same time, but it is said that he made everyone astonished by showing the aspect of ‘Kim Jeong-su’ that fits this.

On the other hand, a new love line of’ Incompetence’ and a forbidden truth game were also revealed. Choi Min-yong went to the backyard of the house alone while looking at the girls’ room with many clothes and made a hanger for Park Yoon-hee. As a result, Yoon-hee couldn’t hide her joy and hugged Min-yong. Not only that, but Min-yong showed the appearance of a real man in front of Yoon-hee, unlike usual, so he grabbed the unintentional female feeling at once.

The next day, as the rain continued, the youth gathered three to three and started the ‘Truth Game’. Min-yong, who got caught first, aroused interest by saying “yes” to the question, “There is a person who is fluttering among unsolicited members”. Next, Hyun-soo asked Seung-eun,’What is it like after (marriage)’ and asked a question that can only be asked by a chin-chin, and Seung-eun revealed his honest feelings and received sympathy from the youth.

And at the following turn of Ahn Hye-kyung, Bu-yong asked, ‘I have ever considered Kang Kyung-heon as a rival,’ which is the forbidden question. Everyone was curious, but Hye-kyung responded without hesitation to the triangular relationship he could not ask, making it hot.

In addition to this, it is said that a young man confessed to the question of ‘I have kissed recently’ and made the young people flirt.

The sparkling confrontation of youths with memories of ‘then those days’, the signal of a new unintentional love line, and the nuclear bomb-class truth game can be found in ‘Flaming Youth’ broadcasted at 11:15 pm on the 29th.


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