‘Fly Dragon’ Jung Woo-sung begins shooting… Expecting synergy with Kwon Sang-woo

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Fly Dragon’ Jung Woo-sung started shooting in earnest.

On the 29th, SBS Friday and Saturday drama ‘Fly Dragon’ (played by Park Sang-gyu, directing Kwak Jeong-hwan) released the first still cut of Jung Woo-sung, who completely transformed into a livelihood reporter Park Sam-soo from head to toe. The expectation of returning to the drama after a long time is hotter than ever.

Park Sam-soo, played by Jung Woo-sung, is a livelihood reporter who moves people’s hearts with a single word. The appearance of Jung Woo-sung, who has finished synchronizing with Park Sam-soo, catches the eye. His messy hair and dark beard clearly show his furry personality. The warm gaze of Park Sam-soo, who holds someone’s hand and smiles, is also interesting. Unlike harsh words and actions, Jung Woo-sung is already looking forward to a new face that will melt Park Sam-soo, who has many degrees and tears, with his own color.

Despite the short preparation period, Jung Woo-sung naturally melts into the play while making use of the emotions of the character as well as the visuals. His sincere appearance as he prepares to shoot while having a deep conversation with director Kwak Jeong-hwan and other production crew stimulates the expectation. Most of all, attention is focused on what synergy with Sang-woo Kwon, who is active as a lawyer Park Tae-yong, will unveil the reversal of justice.

In the last 12 broadcasts, the confrontation between the unprivileged people in the periphery and the elite group became fierce. Park Tae-yong, who found the conclusive evidence to overturn the Ohsung murder case, succeeded in filing a retrial with an exhilarating counterattack. However, the elite group’s fierce counterattack continued. With Park Tae-yong’s nomination, they set out to design an operation to make him on their side.

Jang Yoon-seok (played by Jung Woong-in), who was afraid of losing his place to Park Tae-yong, began digging and caught the money flowing from the Samjeong City case to the perpetrators. Park Tae-yong, who was caught up in controversy over the violation of the Donation Law by Jang Yoon-seok’s scheme, faced a crisis as he was put on a brake even in the retrial of the murder case in Ohsung.

In the 13th episode, aired on January 1st, the unprivileged people’s counterattack against the attacks of the elite group unfolds. The moment of choice before them is expected to bring about a big storm. The production crew of ‘Fly Dragon’ said, “Jung Woo-sung perfectly built the ‘Park Sam-soo’ character despite the short preparation period, and naturally blended into the play from the first shoot. You will be able to see another attraction of Jung Woo-sung. You can expect a synergy with Kwon Sang-woo who will complete the end of the thrilling justice realization reverse electrode.”

“From the 13th episode, the reconsideration of the murder case in Ohsung City is in a hurry. Please watch the fierce fighting between the unprivileged people and elite groups.”

Meanwhile, the 13th episode of ‘Fly Dragon’ will be broadcast on January 1 at 10pm, and actor Jung Woo-sung will appear in episode 17.


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