‘Playing Sister’ 1st Awards Held, Best Couple Award-Who won the grand prize?

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Playing Sister’ will hold an awards ceremony looking back over the past six months.

On the 29th of the T-Cast E channel ‘Playing Sister’ (directed by Bang Hyun-young, Park Ji-eun), the 1st ‘Playing Sister’ awards ceremony will be held to commemorate the performance of the older sisters following the calendar sales king awards ceremony. The older sisters, who thought that the calendar sales king awards ceremony was over, are amazed at the unexpected event, but cannot hide their expectations.

Unlike other award ceremonies, the ‘Playing Sister’ awards ceremony is conducted in a unique way in which the winners are announced immediately without a nomination. Awards and Best Couple Awards in seven categories. When the older sisters hear the name of the award, each predicts the winners, and sees the VCR that comes with the announcement of the winners, they are embarrassed, but are thrilled by recalling the pleasant memories.

Like entertainment rookies, the older sisters enjoy the awards ceremony by making gestures that can only be performed at the awards ceremony, such as hugging the person next to them when their name is called. After the announcement of the grand prize, the real highlight, the Best Couple Award, continued, and the nominated candidates who stood out as highlights.

The best couple awards include Kirinz Han Yoo-mi and basketball player Kim Eun-hye, Kwak Min-jung and Jung Yoo-in, the youngest members who played the role of mood makers, are nominated.

The Best Couple Award is held by real-time voting by the production crew of ‘Playing Sister’, making the older sisters more nervous. Kwak Min-jung said that she can take it with either Park Se-ri and Jung Yoo-in, who were nominated side by side, and could not release tension until the end, hoping for an award among powerful candidates.

Above all, the ‘Playing Sister’ awards ceremony is expected to be a meaningful moment for the viewers who shared memories while running with them. Accordingly, who are the winners of each category and the older sisters who will receive the Best Couple Award for Chemi Restaurants are raising expectations for today’s broadcast.

The 22nd episode of T-Cast E channel ‘Playing Sister’ will be broadcast at 8:30 pm on the 29th, and you can see the live news of the players through the official Instagram and YouTube E channel.


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