Seo Jung-hee, elegant tea time of ‘Clean Jung-hee’ “There is no old bowl at home”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Seo Jung-hee revealed a unique philosophy on organizing.

Seo Jung-hee opened her mouth on her Instagram on the 29th, saying, “I’m bored, should I drink tea?”

She said with a picture of a table with several tea cups on the table, “Maybe people who watch several cups alone and drinking tea may be puzzled. The reason is simple. I am trying to do the dishes. When I do the dishes and tidy the dishes, I feel refreshed. Especially I am. I like washing dishes, but it gives me mental stability and calm.”

Seo Jung-hee said, “The reason I use many cups and bowls. It’s nice to see the bowls placed on the shelf after cleaning the bowl with a dry dishcloth. The color is fine, clear and clean. So the meaning of washing dishes is deep.”

Seo Jung-hee added, “My house doesn’t have old vessels. It’s because of my habit of constantly rotating. It’s hard to clean the old ones at once. I like ‘Clean Jung-hee’ and ‘Jung Ri Jeong-hee’.”

Previously, Seo Jung-hee disclosed the process of decorating her own house with a floor space of 19 pyeong through Instagram. She drew attention by successively opening shoe racks, dressing rooms, and kitchens.

Meanwhile, Seo Jung-hee is showing off various talents such as design and book publishing after divorce from comedian Seo Se-won.

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