Yoo Da-in x Oh Jung-se ‘I Don’t Fire Myself’, main poster glances

Official poster of the movie’I don’t fire me’

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

The main poster of the topical film ‘I Don’t Fire Myself’ was released at the 21st Jeonju International Film Festival.

‘I Don’t Fire Myself’ (Director Lee Tae-gyeom, Producer Hong Si-Jun, Art Wing, Distribution Investment Film Company Jin-jin) is a film about Jung-eun, who went to a subcontractor under a dispatch order, to endure a year’s time and regain his position. .

In the main poster released on the 29th, Jung-eun (Yoo Da-in) and Mak-nae (Oh Jung-se) wearing work clothes are depicted in an attitude as if looking at the morning sun.

The copy of ‘My missing seat, today I was dispatched’ located at the bottom left shows the situation of Jung-eun, who was an excellent employee, but suddenly received a resignation from the advisory office and dispatched to a subcontract to find her place. Jung-eun, who can only return after a year in a new position, is paying attention to how she will overcome the strange challenges she faces in the field.

Mak-nae is a subcontracting employee, and while treating Jung-eun as someone who will someday leave, he realizes Jung-eun’s sincerity for work and becomes a strong supporter as a colleague. The logo of the winner of the 21st Jeonju International Film Festival Actor Award at the bottom of the poster shows that Oh Jung-se won the first acting award in the film category for this film, and heralds the catharsis that comes from sincere acting.

The biography of Jung-eun and Mak-nae, who never give up on themselves, nevertheless, in a world that pushes away and promotes, is expected to deliver the energy to start the new year by delivering a message to the audience about the only thing to keep in 2021.

It will be released on January 28 next year.


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