‘Afternoon Hope’ Lee Ha-yiX Jannabi, perfect harmony of’tone artisans’

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Lee Ha-yi, Jannabi Choi Jeong-hoon, and Kim Do-hyung boasted their talk.

In MBC FM4U’s ‘Afternoon Hope Song Kim Shin-young’ aired on the 30th, singer Lee Ha-yi and band Jannabi’s Choi Jeong-hoon and Kim Do-hyung appeared as guests.

On this day, Kim Shin-young introduced Lee Ha-i, Choi Jeong-hoon, and Kim Do-hyung with the modifiers ‘Crazy Combination’ and ‘Emotional Craftsman’. The three are appearing in the JTBC entertainment program ‘Begin Again Open Microphone’.

Lee Ha-yi, who participated in the semi-final stage of Swings at the recently ended Mnet ‘Show Me the Nine 9’, mentioned the producer’s Code Kunst and expressed his close friend, “After the program ended, Code Kunst’s brother said that he was very grateful.”

Jannabi’s guitarist Kim Do-hyeong said, “Lee Deung-byeong’s letter” is playing as background music, saying that he is about to join the military. “Today may be the last broadcast. It is a relief to be able to join this broadcast.”

DJ Kim Shin-young asked three people how they felt about having a duet in ‘Begin Again Open Mic’. Lee Ha-yi said, “Thank you to the production crew. He found a voice that fits well together.” Choi Jeong-hoon also expressed his feelings, “I got goosebumps when I matched the ensemble.”

Lee Ha-i and Choi Jeong-hoon told the story behind the selection, saying, “We got a list of each other and chose a good song.” Lee said that she selected Alicia Keith and Stevie Wonder’s song, and Choi Jeong-hoon selected Kim Hyun-sik’s ‘Alleyway’.

The three singers, who are renowned as unrivaled ‘voice artisans’, mentioned Michael Jackson and Sora Lee, and Liam Gallagher, Kim Chang-wan, and Seo Tae-ji of the band Oasis, respectively, in a request for an enviable voice. In particular, Kim Do-hyung showed off Seo Tae-ji voice immitation and drew a hot response from the listeners.

They also took time to answer the listener’s questions. A listener to Lee Ha-yi, who recently moved to AMOG, asked, “Who would you choose to work together if male singers in your company asked you to feature on the same date and time?” Lee Ha-yi hesitated and chose Park Jae-bum, the head of AMOG.

Lee Ha-yi also mentioned the cover of Park Jae-bum’s song ‘Body’, which received a great response recently. She said, “It was amazing that the reaction was so good,” and announced that he will upload the cover of ‘Body’ on the YouTube channel on the 31st and January 1st.

Jannabi, the ‘power of sound source’, was asked to choose between being in the 100th place for 6 months on the music charts and the 1st place for 3 days. Choi Jeong-hoon, who usually sees music charts, replied, “It’s good to be in the top 100 for 6 months. I feel comfortable.”

Lee Ha-yi, Choi Jeong-hoon, and Kim Do-hyung said, “I want to be more active next year. Thank you for listening to today.”


Photo|MBC Visible Radio
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