Dismantling Gugudan, walking their own path after 4 years of debut

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Gugudan disbands after 4 years of debut.

On the 30th, the agency Jellyfish Entertainment said, “Gugudan, who’ve been running hard since its debut and has been loved so far, will end its official group activities on December 31st.” After an in-depth discussion, all members made a final agreement to end the group activities.”

“Although the group activities are finished, we will do our best without spared support for various personal activities such as music and acting. I thank you again for the great support you have given me and I am sincerely sorry for the sudden news to the fans who care for the multiplication table.”

Gugudan is a group that belonged to the project group Iowa members Se-jeong and Mi-na, which was created through Mnet ‘Produce 101’ Season 1. The band debuted as a 9-member girl group in 2016, but in 2018, when member Hye-yeon left the team due to health and career issues, Gugudan was reorganized into an 8-member group: Hana, Mimi, Nayoung, Habin, Se-jeong, Soi, Sally, and Mi-na.

Afterwards, Gugudan announced ‘Chococo’, ‘The Boots’, and ‘Not That Type’, and Gugudan Oguogu (Mi-na, Hye-yeon), Gugudan Seminar (Se-jeong, Mi-na, Na-young) ), and other unit activities. In addition, Sally, a Chinese member, ranked 6th in the final ranking of the Chinese survival audition program ‘Chang Jo-young 2020 (创造营2020)’ and joined as ‘Gyeongdang Girl 303 (硬糖少女303)’.

Since November 2018, Gugudan officially decided to disband the team on December 31, 2020, which was worried about the fans as he had not been fully active for about two years. The members plan to continue their personal activities such as music and acting in the future.

At the news of the dissolution of Gugudan, netizens are cheering for the members with comments such as “I was happy while listening to good music”, “I was happy with the time we had together”, and “I wish all the members were happy.”


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