Famous designer Alexander Wang, Me Too movement… “Medicine and molestation” shock

Alexander Wang, a famous fashion designer, was exposed to Me Too. Photo|SNS of Alexander Wang

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Alexander Wang (36), a world-renowned fashion designer, is suspicious of Me too.

Diet Prada(diet_prada), that emerged as an SNS accuser while dealing with fashion issues, accused Alexander Wang of sex crimes through official Instagram on the 29th. The article is shocked by the revelation that Alexander Wang has drugged and molested models he met at clubs and parties over the past several years.

Alexander Wang’s public sexual harassment began when Owen Mooney, who served as his male model, revealed the damage through TikTok on the 12th.

“At the club, a man touched my leg and groin,” said Owen Mooney. “My body was completely frozen. I saw who touched my body. Wang was a really famous fashion designer. I couldn’t believe it. But I couldn’t say anything. I regret it now.”

After Owen Mooney’s revelation, there were also revelations, including that Alexander Wang attempted sexual harassment after having transgender male models drink a drink containing drugs. In particular, the anonymous message that rapper Azelia Banks released through her Instagram last year is also being talked about.

In the message, “Alexander Wang raped transgender people. He must be punished. From 2015 to now, I know three events. However, he was trying to silence the person he was trying to expose.” But it was not a big issue at the time.

While Alexander Wang is not revealing his stance in the revelation of Me Too toward himself, netizens are raising their voices, saying, “We must get him out of the fashion world.”

On the other hand, Alexander Wang is a Taiwanese-American fashion designer who launched a fashion brand named after him in 2007, and is an industry leader who is loved around the world.


Photo|Alexander Wang Instagram

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