K Tigers Zero ‘Last of Earth’ to the COVID-19 Era

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Hybrid group K Tigers Zero (Na Tae-ju, Jang Jun-hee, Byun Hyun-min, Yoon Gyu-sung, Kim Ye-jun, Tami, Park Lee-seul, Jung Yoon-ji, Kim Yu-jin, Mindy) is comforting listeners tired from COVID-19.

On the 26th, K Tigers Zero released a single ‘Last of us’, a story about the ‘惡 (Oh to Hate)’ of the 7 episodes of human beings through various music sites.

‘Last of us’ expresses the love of men and women, our story about how we would be able to be together if the present era had not come, with the desire to take care of our lives in the present age where the whole world seems to have stopped.

In particular, through ‘Last of us’, K Tigers Zero shows emotional aspects with warm comforts, empathy for difficult times, and messages about various hatreds, while creating a vertical version of the official music video.

K Tigers Zero is a flexible group composed of all members of Taekwondo players, and boasts a variety of members depending on the form. This time, newcomer Kim Ye-jun, as well as Yoon Gyu-sung, the strongest free poomsae of the high school, who won two consecutive world championships in 2018 and 2020, joined the country.

In addition, Na Tae-ju and Taekwon-do International, who made their solo debut as an artist plee, are Na Tae-ju and Byun Hyun-min of Season 2 of ‘Produce 101’, Tae-mi, a Taekwon-do girl who has started as a female member of ‘The Law of the Jungle’ and is active in various activities. Leader Jang Jun-hee, the winner of the competition for the third consecutive year, has been with K Tigers Zero, and they recently appeared on KBS2’s ‘Immortal Song’ and won the championship. have.

K Tigers Zero, which showed a wide music spectrum with ‘Last of us’ for the public, is in the midst of preparing for the next album that will show the strongest performance at the moment, another new song from Na Tae-ju, and solo for each member. It plans to show off even a performance.


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