‘Life Story’ Cho Hye-ryeon “My daughter isolated by herself after dropping out of prestigious high school

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Comedian Jo Hye-ryeon confessed that he had had a hard time with her adolescent children.

On EBS 1TV’s ‘Life Story’, broadcast on the 31st, people who have been misunderstood or hurt in the relationship between parents, couples and brothers appear. Many people confide in the feelings that were difficult at the time, the ties that made me difficult, and the reconciliation story that ended up releasing the confines in my heart.

On this day’s broadcast, a young man who had a difficult childhood due to the divorce of his parents appears. When he revealed that he had to make a living alone with his brother without the care of his parents from a young age, the MC and the panel who listened to it were unable to hide their regret. However, after becoming an adult, everyone was surprised when he revealed that he had presented one of his kidneys to his mother. He is curious about the reason he made this decision. In addition, a woman in her 40s who was married to her first love appeared and confessed that she ended the relationship with a divorce in a reality that is too different from her dream. But now, after reconciling with her husband who broke up, they reunite and live happily, raising questions about what happened between the two. Finally, you can check the story of the close-knit brothers in the world who almost became enemies of each other while working together.

Comedian Jo Hye-ryeon, who appeared as a guest, confessed that she also had a deep conflict with her two adolescent children. She, who had been busy with broadcasting activities, added regret to reveal that she was unable to carefully care for her children when she needed parental care most because she was focusing on herself. Afterwards, her daughter, who only thought she liked to study, suddenly dropped out of a prestigious high school and confessed that her daughter suddenly isolated by herself, shocking listeners in the studio. In addition, her son also revealed that he had a period of rebellion until the age of 18, having only graduated from elementary school. Cho Hye-ryeon surprised everyone by revealing that she tried to reconcile with children who kept contrary to her expectations by kneeling down to her knees. What is the secret of Cho Hye-ryeon, who was able to reconcile with her children and restore relationships, is revealed through the broadcast.

The healing talk show EBS 1TV’s ‘Life Story’ is held by star instructor Kim Mi-kyung, who comforts the hearts of people in need with pleasant and intimate advice, and Lee Jae-yong, an announcer with warm empathy. People gather to share their tumultuous life history, and to deliver a message of warm consolation and hope to viewers.

The ‘Reconciliation, Before It’s Late’ episode that will warmly end the last day of the year in 2020 can be confirmed through EBS ‘Life Story’, which airs at 9:50 pm on Thursday the 31st.


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