‘Morning Yard’ Kim Yong-Im “Lee Do-jin, the smiling appearance is pretty and spooky”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Kim Yong-im praised her junior Lee Do-jin.

KBS1’s ‘Morning Yard’, which aired on the 30th, was the stage of 5 winning singers’ challenge dreams.

Lee Do-jin said, “I challenged the ‘challenge dream stage’ for my sisters. The IMF business collapsed, my parents divorced, and I lived with my father. My father got Parkinson’s disease. The second and third sister also worked and helped the house. My father died in the third grade of high school. The older sisters asked what they wanted to do and said they wanted to sing. I learned to sing with the money my sisters gave me.”

Lee Do-jin said, “For 10 years, I lived as an unknown singer by doing all kinds of part-time jobs. After winning 5 ‘Challenge Dream Stage’, there were many changes in life. I also sang in ‘National Singer’ and ‘Music Stage’. I’ve appeared in various places on TV shows. When I won 5, I shared a moment of emotion with my sisters, nephew, and uncle.”

Lee Do-jin sang ‘Life Like a Bucho’ with Kim Yong-im. Kim Yong-im praised him, saying, “Laughing Lee Do-jin is pretty.” Also, Kim Yong-im said, “Lee Do-jin is bright. Other junior singers run to greet their seniors because they can’t get to it. It’s sprout and asks how you can sing better. I want to teach you at least one because it comes close to you. Again, I practiced singing hard.”


Photo|Capture of KBS broadcasting screen

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