‘Run On’ Lim Si-wan and Shin Se-kyung, evening date

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Run On’ reveals a dreamy date with an atmosphere that is quite different from the cold endings of Lim Si-wan and Shin Se-kyung, exploding curiosity about the broadcast on the 30th.

Ki Seon-gyeom (Lim Si-wan) and Oh Mi-joo (Shin Se-kyung) are presenting an immersive romance with the accumulated emotion lines in JTBC’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Run On’ (screenplay Park Si-hyeon, director Lee Jae-hun, production Mace Entertainment, content creation). In the last broadcast, misunderstandings stemming from unconscious minds accumulate, and the first crisis of the two who fell into deep troubles over them was contained. In the end, the feelings that could not be resolved coolly led to an unfortunate ending facing each other with cold eyes, coupled with the fact that Seon-gyeom’s father Ki Jung-do (Park Young-gyu) gave Mi-joo, who had been hired as an interpreter, a huge numb.

Seon-gyeom opened his heart to Mi-joo, who came to her without any special wishes, and showed her desire to lean further. The moment when the greatest determination was needed, she decided to act upon her words because of the trust that she had accumulated in America. The fact that she was the one sent by his father and that she even received money in return must have come as a tremendous betrayal. It was the reason why he asked coldly, “Did my father give money to you?” instead of greeting when I met her after a long time after finishing all the events.

In fact, Mi-joo was uncomfortable for the whole time she had the gigantic paralysis of the Ki. Seon-gyeom, who seemed to have no heart for himself, felt sorry, and Mi-joo did not want to make him sick more, so she returned the money she received and clearly showed that she would be on his side. However, “If you want to disappoint, do it. Do not try not to be disappointed,” he did not try to resolve the misunderstanding. The last ending of the Seon-gyeom and Mi-joo couple that ended in such a way caused viewers a regret that a small misunderstanding became a fire and a crisis was coming between them.

In the still cut released before the main broadcast today (30th), nevertheless, another ‘tang’ date of a couple who is both having a friendly atmosphere and having dinner together was included. The two people who sit face to face with the steaming hot water in the middle show an excitement toward each other, stimulating a subtle excitement. More than anything else, the fact that there is alcohol, which played a decisive role in breaking down the boundaries of each other with a sincere story, is what makes us look forward to the relationship between the two who will once again become closer this evening.

Accordingly, the production crew also predicted that “a beautiful scene that will trigger ‘N car replay’ has been born once again following the date of the last movie theater and stand,” and “The cute moments of the ‘Seon-gyeom and Mi-joo Couple’ are scheduled to unfold to the extent that I want to keep looking back. . Through a meal that started in a more cautious atmosphere, please pay attention to the process of getting closer again while the two are more comfortable.”

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