‘2’o clock Manse’ Uhm Young-soo “If comedian juniors have more chances to be on Comedy shows”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Uhm Young-soo showed overflowing love for juniors.

On the afternoon of the 31st, MBC’s standard FM ‘Park Joon-hyung, Jung Gyeong-mi’s 2 o’clock Manse’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘two o’clock Manse’) appeared as a guest, Uhm Young-soo, recently renamed from Um Yong-soo. In addition, Park Joon-hyung’s wife, Kim Ji-hye, joined as a special DJ on behalf of DJ Jung Kyung-mi, who was away from her second birth. On this day, Uhm Young-soo prevented Park Joon-hyung and Kim Ji-hye from shutting their mouths with a unique speech that was like a pistol.

DJ Park Joon-hyung regretted that “I didn’t seem to have done anything, but time has passed,” and Uhm Young-soo said, “The best MC in the world is an MC that doesn’t seem to have done anything. It’s because he pulled out the guest’s story as much as possible. I am happy to have the time to chat with them.”

Uhm Young-soo continued, “The younger comedians are doing very well. They are active in all broadcasting companies. However, it is a pity that the comedy fixed program has disappeared.” Following the abolition of other broadcasters’ comedy programs, KBS2 ‘Gag Concert’, a Korean representative open comedy program that has been in charge of Sunday since 1999, also ended in June of this year.

Uhm Young-soo said, “We sit like this, but talented juniors go around to work. It would be nice if there was an environment where comedians could work. In fact, we don’t have to work.”

On the other hand, Uhm Young-soo will hold a third wedding marquee in LA, USA in January next year with Koreans who are 10 years younger and younger.


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