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Comedian Uhm Young-soo, who is about to get married for the third time, presented joy with the still quick-fire speech.

On the 31st of MBC’s standard FM’ Park Joon-hyung, Jung Kyung-mi’s 2’o clock Manse’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘2’o clock Manse’), Uhm Young-soo was a guest, and Park Joon-hyung’s wife, Kim Ji-hye, came out as a special DJ on behalf of Jung Kyung-mi, who was away from the second birth.

On this day, Uhm Young-soo said, “I lived as Uhm Yong-soo for nearly 70 years. However, people didn’t pronounce my name as ‘Uhm Yong-soo’, but as ‘Uhm Young-soo’. So, I think I made the wrong name, so I changed it. It’s a fan service level.” He added, “I changed my name while going around the government offices for a week.”

When Kim Ji-hye carefully asked, “Isn’t it possible that I changed my name for a new start (with my wife),” Uhm Young-soo said, “There’s nothing like that. It’s not a new start, it’s a new, new, new start.” Uhm Yong-soo, who has suffered two divorces and is about to get married for the third time, expresses her situation in a pleasant way like a comedian.

When Park Joon-hyung asked, “There is a sound among comedians that Yeong-su saw and changed the dots in a store in Pyeongtaek. I heard that ‘Uhm Yong-soo is a name that separates from ties’,” Uhm Young-soo said, “That’s not true.” Dismissed it.

One listener sent a real-time text message saying, “I was a little tilted at the news of the new start. I bless you now.” Kim Ji-hye asked, “Although not for the third wedding news, a lot of young friends are recognizing these days.”

Uhm Yong-soo said, “How can I steadily dash and live even at that broken age? I think I’m tied to a house because of Corona 19, so I think my heart to build a family grows. It’s a good phenomenon.”

When DJ Park Joon-hyung asked, “How did you meet the bride-to-be”, he said, “I went to a concert before and met him. He said he was a longtime fan. We have to think about it. Whatever I do, somebody watches me.”

When asked “that the wedding ceremony will be held in the United States,” he said, “I will go to the United States around mid-January. I am planning to have a wedding with the smallest number of people at the church by the end of January. The situation is also serious because of COVID-19.”

DJ Park Joon-hyung also asked, “Song Hae, whom Senior Um Young-soo selected as the most respected comedian, elected Uhm Young-soo as the replacement for the ‘National Song Contest’ MC. What do you think?”

Uhm Young-soo said, “It’s irreverent to talk about his successor,” and said, “Song Hae takes care of his health very well. I think he will run the program until he is over 100 years old. Rather, his successor should do a health check.” .

When Park Joon-hyung asked, “Do you think you are lucky,” Uhm Young-soo said, “I had hair loss, so I almost couldn’t broadcast it. But I accidentally became a wig model, so my life spread. People said that they have ‘hairs’. I don’t know luck.” He continued, “I was born upside down unusually. I was born from my feet. My mother was difficult. From birth, I rotted my mother. Anyway, I think I was lucky to endure up to this age in good health.”

Uhm Young-soo also said, “I ran away and went up to Seoul to do a comedy. I prepared for the comedian exam while running on the construction board and passed it.”

On this day, Uhm Young-soo prevented Park Joon-hyung and Kim Ji-hye from shutting their mouths with a unique speech that was like a pistol.

In the second half of the broadcast, Park Joon-hyung regretted, “It seems like I didn’t do anything, but this time has passed,” and Uhm Young-soo said, “The best MC in the world is an MC that seems to have done nothing. It’s because it pulled out the guest’s story as much as possible. I am happy to have the time to chat with my juniors.”

He added, “Younger comedians are doing very well. They are active in all broadcasting companies. However, it is a pity that the comedy fixed program has disappeared.” Following the abolition of other broadcasters’ comedy programs, KBS2′ Gag Concert’, a Korean representative open comedy program that has been in charge of Sunday since 1999, also ended in June of this year.

Uhm Young-soo said, “We sit like this, but talented juniors go around to work. It would be nice if an environment where juniors could work. We don’t have to work.”

On the other hand, Um Young-soo will hold a third wedding marquee in LA, USA in January next year with Koreans who are 10 years younger and younger.


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