BTS ‘Seoul Music Awards’ Whose Fandom Award confirmed… New York Times Square Ad

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group BTS won the Whose Fandom Award at the 30th Seoul Music Awards.

Global K-pop fandom platform Whosefan said that the final vote of the ‘Final’ at 2 pm on the 31st, and all voting for the ‘Whose Fandom Award’ at the Seoul Music Awards ended, and BTS became the protagonist of the Whosefan Award Officially announced.

The two candidates who took the final vote were BTS and Mamamoo. As it was a competition between the two fandoms that showed the great popularity in the voting, the ‘Final’ voting was held from 2 pm on the 30th with the attention of global fans.

The two candidates’ fandom supported the artist with enthusiastic support and participation during the voting process. Among them, BTS recorded 73.61% of the votes, and Mamamoo recorded 26.39% of the votes, and the final first place was the BTS.

Whosefan has been voting through SNS and mobile apps for 24 days from the 8th to determine the winners of the Whos Fandom Award at the Seoul Music Awards. A total of 40 candidates selected based on the fan activity data in the Whosefan app and the album sales and social media activity analysis data analyzed by the’Hanteo Big Data Lab’ competed in the’Top 40′ A total of 34 votes were held, starting with the’)’ vote and ending today’s’Final’ vote.

BTS, who ranked first in the final, won the Whosefan Award in the name of ‘Army ♥ BTS’ at the Seoul Music Awards. In addition, an advertisement will be held on Times Square in New York with the sponsorship of Whosefan. Whosefan is planning to provide advertisement opportunities in New York Times Square to Mamamoo, who placed second and GOT7, who placed third.

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