Good broadcast that led the change and growth of ‘The Paik Father’ and ‘Cook Beginners’

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

‘The Paik Father’ looked back on the past time of ‘The Paik Father’, which ran vigorously in 2020.

MBC’s entertainment program ‘The Paik Father; Don’t Stop Cooking!’ (Planning Choi Yoon-jung, Director Choi Min-geun, hereinafter ‘The Paik Father’), which airs every Saturday at 5 pm, is a special project for ‘Cook Beginners, and has been showing high popularity since its first broadcast on June 20.

‘The Paik Father’ was designed as a program for ‘Cooking beginners’ who are struggling without confidence in cooking. ‘The Paik Father’ Baek Jong-won and ‘Yang Se-hyung’, the sheepdog, led the growth of ‘Cooking beginners’ with love-filled recipes and friendly progress every time. Are doing.

‘Back Father’ has firmly maintained the No. 1 position in the viewer rating at 5 pm on Saturday, and has established itself as an indispensable program for’Yorinyi’ and viewers. In particular,’Yorini’ is becoming more and more addicted to’the fun to make and eat’ as time goes by. ‘Yorinyi’, who started with cooking rice and fried eggs, showed their excellent skills by making kimchi.

Nowadays, many people skip meals in their busy daily lives, and various attempts in the pure intention of ‘The Paik Father’ who wish to eat even one meal properly are adding meaning with the steady growth and excellent results of ‘Cooking beginners’. Until the day when all the people can cook easily and have fun, the challenge of ‘The Paik Father’ will continue without limits.

Meanwhile, ‘The Paik Father’ is planning to introduce Tteokguk as its first menu in the new year of 2021. It is a simple bowl to commemorate the New Year, but I want to convey the joy of sharing homemade rice cake soup with family and friends to the Cooking beginners. It is planned to open in 2021 with a meal made with hot soup and chewy rice cakes.

‘Back Father’ will continue to broadcast live at Naver TV’s ‘The Paik Father’ after the live broadcast ends at 5:00 PM. Weekly menu-related ingredients can be found on the official Instagram, and news related to ‘The Paik Father’ can be found on Naver TV’s ‘The Paik Father’ channel. ‘Cooking beginners’ who will begin cooking rehabilitation with Baek Jong-won and Yang Se-hyung are recruiting highly praised through the website.

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