‘Latte Parent’ Kim Mi-jung and Kim Byeong-joo are embarrassed by their son’s independence plan

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Judo Legend’ Kim Mi-jeong and Kim Byeong-joo expressed their disapproval at their son Kim Yoo-cheol’s declaration of independence.

In the E-channel entertainment program ‘Latte Parents’, which aired on the 30th, a couple of Kim Mi-jeong and Kim Byeong-joo who were confused by the declaration of independence of their son Kim Yoo-cheol who joined the judo unemployment team were depicted.

On this day, Kim Yoo-cheol insisted that he would become independent, saying, “When I see my parents’ medals displayed at home, my self-esteem falls” and “I need my own time.”

As a result, Kim Byeong-joo said he would remove all the medals on display, but eventually the couple went to the real estate with their son to see the sale.

At his son’s declaration of independence, Kim Mi-jeong said, “I’m going to get a house on the weekend to get my own rest.”

The couple who went to the two-room studio with their son heard the rent price and said, “two-room studio is too luxurious. Isn’t it a waste to pay 60 per month to receive it?”


Photo|Capture of E-channel broadcasting screen

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